Nike's "dunked" PR #Fail : Xavier's Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James

PR mess continues for Nike as it returns banned tapes

Nike has been forced deeper into a PR disaster after agreeing to return confiscated videotapes of one of its basketball player ambassadors getting "dunked" by an unknown youngster.
Earlier this month the American sportswear giant made headlines when it took tapes recorded by two accredited journalists at a university basketball game.
The journalists filmed NBA star LeBron James being dunked by amateur Jordan Crawford who was playing in the skills academy run at a US university.

Ok, first of all, that leaked out of focus shaky footage showing the dunk, is honestly not showing a proper 'smell me' dunk as much as a LeBron doing a half hearted attempt at a late jump seemingly thinking "bah, it's already in there".
Second of all, an amateur taking on the All Star NBA player is the very essence of just do it! How could Nike be so stupid to misuse that moment? And do go all propaganda-police on journalists no less, confiscating tapes. That stinks to high heaven, and their ony way out is to sign that young man Jordan Crawford turning him into the sportswears non-pro star.. Oh wait, maybe thats the plan?

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