No more anonymous comments.


No more anonymous comments.

Quite a few adgrunt members have asked so nicely that I turn the anonymous (non-members) comments off.

Anonymous commenters tend to be truly off topic and/or 'radical' or perhaps inflammatory. I don't see why one can't be brave enough to post such things under ones established username, an identity here that may or may not be revealing who you are in Real Life™.

I agree with them, if you want to say something, it only takes a second to log in, and with over 18000 members already signed up, we shouldn't have this many anonymous posts.

There's nothing to be afraid of, as you can make up any silly name you'd like, not reveal your emailadress, etc. It makes discussion easier when there are different usernames saying different things, rather than a bunch of Anonymous people duking it out.


the bug has been killed. check.

(now there is really no way to comment when you are not logged in. Yippie!)

translation: when dab says we asked 'so nicely' it really means that we nagged the hell out of her after various strange anonymous religious zeolots and otherwise very far off topic comments started to appear....
It was a nice try dab,opening the door the way you did back in Feb, but unfortunatly not having to sign in also seems to mean not having too think too hard about what one posts - leaving dab to do a lot of comment cleaning, and we'll, she's got better things to do.

(..... like maybe building us a spellcheck.. This is the second time today i post misspelled stuff in haste.. dang.)

Mozilla Bug Alert!

I can still post as anonymous......

yes, I've seen it which makes the announcement a little premature, but no worries, I'll whack that bug.

spellchecks though... I dunno. They be a tricky thing to make blabla.

actually i'm in IE 5.1 on a mac and am able to post anon too. I guess from now on I'll just have to sign in and keep the paper bag over my head while I type so at least I'll feel anonymous ;-)

hahaha, back to the drawingboard dab.

though heeeey, where did that cute little "post as anonymous" box go then? Definatly not still here... (Mozilla/OsX)

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