No more AOL?

Don't crack open the champagne just yet, but AOL Time Warner are considering dropping "AOL" from it's name. published an email allegedly written by Jon Miller on Monday.

" Yet since the merger in early 2001, the three letters AOL have ceased to stand for the Internet and the promise it entails, and instead have become the shorthand for the world's largest media company. As AOL Time Warner became known as, for all intents and purposes, "AOL," any controversy or criticism involving the corporate entity has actually hit our consumer brand. "

AOL reps would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the e-mail, Infoword has more on the story.

added silly bonus; The AOLer Translator and those free AOL coasters.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    That's a good one. I always thought AOL stood for massive- space-hog-app-filled-with-useless-proprietary-content-and- more-pop-up-ads-per-sign-on-screen-than-the-best-porn- sites-around. But maybe I was mistaken all along.


    Aug 12, 2003

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