No more autoplay on commercials


No more autoplay on commercials

Autoplay you say?
Why yes, all commercials in the database had the habit of auto-starting as soon as they loaded - adgrunt pufu pointed out on the McDonalds I'm luvin' it thread, that pufu wasn't lovin' it.
In fact it is rather annoying when one wants to comment or rate a commercial, as the reload causes the commercial to start over.
100% of the other adgrunts we surveyed agreed. ;) Remember, the data will admit to anything when tortured long enough.

So, we waved our magick wand over the database and changed 11434 commercials (My god how did we get so many?) to not automatically play when loaded, instead you press the play button when you want to watch it. Hope y'all like it!

Oh while I'm here on a soapbox I might as well ask, I've seen that a few of you use the older theme Kulture in it's various colors - like grey etc. I was just wondering how popular the ability to change themes feature really is - I welcome comments on that. Do you want more or fewer skins to choose from?


So all we have to do is wish for something and you'll grant it? IN that case I want a Grand Prix Cannes lion. Pronto!

And I want to work in pharmaceutical advertising! It's almost as exciting as Direct Marketing!

yeah, i'm the wicked witch of adland (wicked in a good way, m'dear...;))

I'm using KultureGrey, so don't delete that one please, as I prefer it to the default theme. I love grey sites.

Thanks computer thanks you!! ;)

I was thinking(on the rare occasion that happens) the same thing at work. My work PC thanks U

Ace, so everyone is experiencing plesant side effects from this then? :) I like it much better too (I'm the 100% surveyed yaknow.. hehe) - y'all should've said something earlier. :)

I prefer this, yes. Now my habit of opening commercials in another tab works out better, when it's fully loaded I choose to play it. I have a dodgy cable at home, which tends to be slow at times.

can we get a spellcheck now too? ;) Or a Grand Prix Lion will do...

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