No "squish" please we're British.

An ad encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer, starring Ricky Gervais, comedian with a past as a new wave popstar now most famous for his role as David Brent in "The Office", has banned from radio waves before nine pm as it was too offensive.. A soundeffect has also been removed from the ad - a 'squish' noise - to santize the ad. Why? Well it's a touchy subject (pun intended) I guess. The sound effect is in the ad as Ricky who plays the doctor is inserting a finger to check the prostate.
Ricky is not at all happy with the squish sound being removed: "It's pathetic. One of the reasons that people die of cancer is that they don't get themselves checked. One of the reasons they don't get checked is embarrassment over the issue. The radio authority has actually enhanced this as a taboo."
The Prostate Cancer Charity never intended the ad to run during the day anyway, John Neate chief executive of the charity called the decision to remove the squish 'a disgrace'. You can listen to the ad un-cut in real audio or mp3 from here.