Nominate your favorite blog to the Battle of the ad Blogs

Yes, it is early days yet - still in the interest of fairness, transparency and all round blog-linking fame, we'd like you to nominate your favorite ad blogs (not this one tho') to the Battle of the ad blogs which will run in Feb 2007.

Battle Of the Ad Blogs

These were the categories last year - if you think it's lacking you should suggest another category, describe it and motivate why. It's quite difficult to narrow all these different voices down to a specific category! (more inside)

#1 Best international blog.
These were blogs not written in English, and hoo boy was it tough for small language groups to compete with large language groups. Should we splice this up into continents perhaps?

#2 Best Ad-Porn Blog - showing a lot of images
There are plenty of blogs out there that show posters, ads, and more posters. They go here.

#3 Best General Ad Commentary
Exactly what is says on the tin - there needs to be actual commentary for a blog to enter this category.

#4 Best Ad Commentary not from the United States
There are plenty of ad blogs written in English that aren't from the US yaknow.

#5 Best Commercial Ad Blog
And by "commercial" we mean "makes money".

#6 Best Ad Agency Ad Blog
Ad agencies blog like mad these days!

#7 Best Planner/Theorists Blog
Planners share wisdom in blogs too.

#8 Best School Ad Blog
Ad schools have their own blogs, it's true!

#9 Best Design Discussion Blog
Where Art Directors and Designers wail about colours, style, layouts and pretty shiny things.

#10 Best Typography Blog
Exactly that - fonts, kerning and type blogged.

#11 Best Marketing Blog
I'm rubbish at finding the great marketing blogs, please nominate a few.

# 12 Best PR Blog
Now that blogging can kill and create goodwill, PR bloggers are king.

#13 Best Viral Blog
Some blogs concentrate on the viral games, films and fun alone. They go here.

#14 Best Inspiration Blogs
Watering holes for inspiration outside of advertising, where new trends are spotted and great ideas discussed.

#15 Best Online/Interactive Blogs
What would this competition be if we didn't have a category for those who concetrate on online advertising? Dumb, that's what.

#16 Best Topical Blogs
And by topical, we mean concentrating on one aspect of the ad biz, for example, the trademark blog, Stay Free' adbusting attidude and the winner last year, naming blog Snark Hunting.

So nominate away simply by leaving a blogs name and link in the comments here, and suggest which category it should be in. As many or as few blogs as you like. And then everyone can see which blogs are nominated right here. Pretty low-tech but I think it'll work. ;)

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