NO!SPEC crusade on a roll

After getting fed up with growing spec requests (unethical design contests, working on spec, free pitching), on the 25 of February a committee of 20 passionate designers was formed to develop the NO!SPEC crusade. Some offered to research, others to write copy and submit articles, some got together to brainstorm the design angle, others to design

Design organisations are now getting involved - RGD (Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario), GDC (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada), AIGA (the professional association for design), and Icograda (International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

For the month of March, Designers who blog will feature bloggers who take up the NO!SPEC gauntlet. The most interesting posts will be presented at Creative Latitude: Cat's Fancy: Designers who blog.

Designers can support the cause by:
grabbing a NO!SPEC logo and linking back
sharing the powerful posters created by Von Glitschka with design schools, etc
posting on their blogs
writing articles or sending in links pertaining to NO!SPEC
sending protest letters
signing our petition
contacting their design organisations
fill out our survey
participate in 'Have YOUR say'
offering to translate the NO!SPEC site to get the word out internationally

Organisations can support the cause by contacting NO!SPEC to see how they can get involved.

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