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Auctioning off more than your old items is nothing new. Just recently there was the Tag auction for a date with Carmen Electra, creatives for sale, and all those forehead and bump ad space. And now a Winnigpeg man has put himself up for auction on eBay. Why? Because he's tired of seeing so many stupid online auctions. Aren't we all.

"I just thought -- this is getting so stupid -- people offering their kids for advertising, offering to change their names. I just thought, why not offer to do absolutely nothing and see who wants to send me money. When the bidding hit $1.50 I was thrilled -- it's the most I've ever been worth," says the man, identified only as canadanewsman.

Bidding ends next Friday (May 20th.) And here's the descrption for the "item":

I won't have my head tattooed. I won't wear your logo or use your products for a year. I won't rent you my children, or be your best friend. I am tired of seeing these items on E-Bay, so I have decided that if you are the winning bidder, I'll spend your money and send you a lovely thank you note. If you'd like to adopt me or put me in your will, that would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Currently the price is at $20.50 USD.

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