Not Blatt's butt.

Melanie Blatt used a 'stunt bum' in TV advert.

She stars in an advert featuring drunken workers at an office party photocopying their body parts.

But the bottom seen in the advert for Virgin Mobile does not belong to the former All Saint, instead it belongs to an "unknown model".

The Media Guardian first reported that Blatt used the "stunt bum" of an unnamed model. (link leads straight to their article)


The adverts, which are currently being shown on TV, were criticised by safety watchdogs as "daft and irresponsible".

Officials at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents say it encourages drunken office workers to risk injuring themselves at Christmas parties by sitting on photocopiers. Like office workers never heard of *that* idea before. ( I'll spare you all the 'anal' jokes you probably thought of at this paragraph..)


Virgin Mobile confirmed a "stunt bum" had been used but would not reveal the identity of the model who does appear in the adverts.
We don't really care who the bum belongs to, but wonder why Blatt is so shy?. ;-)
Next advert suggested to Blatt - something against cellulite? (Oh boo - that was mean!)

* images have gone missing. Old post.

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