Not My Type, Helvetica Cookies and sexism in PR posts

Like our mate Bill of make the logo bigger says; but wait... there's more, here's some linkage to waste Friday afternoon on: Typography geeks rejoice, we can now show our disdain for Comic Sans on our clothing via Not My Type shirts. Cute. Meanwhile Beverly Shu marries her love of typography with her love of baking cookies and created helvetica-cookies with her Helvetica® Cookie Cutters! Mmmmm, cookies.
In the Netherlands, Kerrie Finch posted a short column about sexism in the PR Industry, which predictably has 50 comments straying off topic.

I got into a heated debate with a boss once, because I’d taken offence at the use of ‘PR lady’. What’s wrong with it? No one talks about the ‘Copywriter lady’, or the ‘Art Buyer lady’ or the ‘Executive Creative lady’. It’s pejorative, negative, and faintly condescending. It suggests that you’re not taking the role of PR seriously: ‘Bless her, let her have a go at this public relations lark before she pops out a baby. Anyone could do it, surely.’ Calling someone a ‘PR lady’ sounds like the role was freeze-dried in 1987, skills-set and all.

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