Obama Joker Socialism Creator Revealed — And It Only Gets More Confusing

Following up on the earlier post

OK, I'll admit to some mixed feelings about the U.S.'s health care reform. But the Obama as Joker Socialist poster just baffled me. Really, it just seemed like a lame mashing together of some outdated memes … so what am I supposed to be getting out of this? That our president is a Socialist? Or he's going to make me lie down in acid as he … cripes, people, if you're going to mount an opposition, get your act (and your message) together.

Anyway, it's all been revealed.

Unbeige first noted that the "mastermind" behind it, who I will not mention here so as not to increase the Google hits, is in trouble in Florida for sponsoring a contest for who could hang the most posters. And the reasoning behind it all? Right here; Unbeige again: "because, we guess, there's nothing better than getting a whole lot of something up, no matter if it makes any sense or not." I'm copping out and quoting them 'cause I couldn't make it through the post.

Except, wait … via Hero Complex (yeah, I'm that much of a geek — Morrison's New vs. Whedon's Astonishing: which is better, or do they share the title of Best Ever? Email me to discuss), Top of the Ticket reveals that the image is the work of a history major from the University of Illinois. Who used a tutorial on "how to 'Jokerize' portraits" but "claims he was making no political statement with the artwork."

There. All straightened out. You're welcome.

Update : Przydzial filed the Flickr "Obama Joker" image takedown request. Because Przydzial originally made it

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Heh, that Chicago student Firas Alkhateeb can forget about "laying low" now, huh?

    (side note: Firas means 'to be celebrated' in Swedish so that's a rather cool name, though I'm sure it means something else in other parts of the world)

    Aug 20, 2009

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