Oh, that's just beautiful - A slogan simulacrum.



Oh, that's just beautiful - A slogan simulacrum.

On May 8th, Chrysler unveiled "Engineered Beautifully"

On May 20th, Buick unveiled "Drive Beautiful"

Whose slogan is mo' betta beautiful? AdGrunts, go critical!

(And yes, it did indeed take me this long to notice - So much for impact, eh?)



I think what we have here is a real downside to corporate espionage - you end up with a slogan that is just as awful as the one for the company you stole it from.

I think this falls under the Rich, Chocolatey Ovaltine Conundrum (RCOC) - If you have to tell consumers that your product or service is cool or extreme* or beautiful, it usually isn't.

*or Xtreme, X-Treme, XXXtreme!, Eckstreaghm, etc.

You know what George Carlin said about marketing words like chocolatey, right? "No f*cking chocolate."

I'm pretty tired of people not using adverbs when they should ("Think different"). Or using words in wacky, new, stupid ways to sound fresh or hip ("Method: Against dirty"). So for me, Chrysler wins by default.

Above that, though, celebrating the idea that engineering can be beautiful makes me pretty happy. I get nothing out of "Drive beautiful."

Both lines are beautifully bland.

Don't forget Jaguar's "Gorgeous" tag line!

Both are horrifyingly ugly.

What a shame. I'm sure both companies paid significant sums to come up with these new taglines, but unfortunately, they'll fail to provide the differentiation needed. Let's see who changes their tagline first.

Susan Gunelius

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