Old Spice - Gym "chest"


Old Spice - Gym "chest"

Hmmm....how do you get young dudes to like your brand, even if it's been around forever?
Duh, just add sex!

adgrunts, click read more to "spice" up your creativitiy with a semi-funny print ad.

As seen in the June 2003 issue of Spin Magazine....you know, I should really expand my reading list!

Old Spice

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That's pretty tasteless.

I must admit, I laughed.

what's with the mastercard-symbol(ish) around the headlin.... aaaahaaa.. now I see...

crude execution - but "spice things up" is not a bad tagline.

It's not a good ad, and it's anot a good smell. Can't see it selling one bottle.

I agree the tag is good, but overall the ad isn't all that strong in my opinion. Maybe there are better executions of the idea yet to come.

The (agreed good) tagline seems to beg for a near Axe execution. I look forward to seeing other ideas from this campaign actually.

This ad is juvenile and offensive. As an adult (read mature) man I now know what not to buy. Besides, the deoderant stinks as much as their after shave. I'd rather wear "Brut".

.... you mean better ideas, don't you?

or just a better headline...it's rather weak considering what could be said with the visual.

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