Old Spice Campaign Stinks?

Marketplace points to the news that Old Spice sales have dropped 7% since, well, it's not clear when. But it apparently covers the time that our favorite man has been urging men to smell like men.

Both articles link to thoughts about this, including questions about who, exactly, is being targeted. I'm with a few of the commenters — it's too soon to see what the results are. Yes, I'm sure that Old Spice will never be as popular among the public as the ads are among the adoblogosphere, but here's hoping the campaign gets a chance to prove itself. The concept's adaptable, so it can evolve while keeping the same spirt.

I remember once being told that, "by the time you're sick of a campaign, everyone else is just starting to notice it." And then, I figure, it takes even longer for them to act on it.