Old Spice man Isaiah Mustafa shares tricks of the new ad on g4tv.com


Isaiah Mustafa ( @IsaiahMustafa ) tells all the secrets of the Old Spice ad. No cgi, well, apart from hiding the wires that are attached to his harness. The tricks - prosthetic legs, super-cool cake-dispensing device, real circular saw that actually cuts wood, man-made waterfall and then very very cold water in the hot-tub.

He won't reveal how he gets into those jeans at the end, but he insist that he was wearing those jeans. Hmm. Does he jump into them or were the shorts trick-shorts that turn into jeans? These sort of things keep me awake at night...

Via adfreak who spotted it at the consumerist.

Bonus, possibly the cutest homage to the original Old Spice ad, done by an eleven year old boy who probably hates that I just called him "cute". (inside)

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  • fairuse's picture

    That kid's video is so cute. Made my day. Guess he will be telling me to 'put a sock in it' about the cute part.

    Still laughing. So cute.

    Jul 03, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    Gotta hand it to him, he (and whomever is helping him), are creative. Kid is gonna be alright.

    Jul 04, 2010

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