Old Spice Mustafa fights Fabio LIVE 12 noon EST on internet stadium.


Apparently there's a fight going down between Fabio and Mustafa now regarding the Old Spice campaign. Aw shucks, and here I didn't think you cared when I asked you to pick up your stuff and drop off your spare key. I guess you still want to impress me. I'll humor you and watch. But I'm still mad. There better be some flowers and chocolate at the end of this. And a big fat diamond.

Fabio Challenges you, Old Old Spice guy.

Mustafa - "Challenge accepted"

Mano a Mano - "so bring it Fabio, because I will bringing me"

Fabio is quite happy that "Old Old spice" accepted the challenge.

Update They are live now and @Kissmyblackads got a shoutout!

And now.. They seem to be taking the approach of responding to the same tweets in their own ways. How long will this last? They both respond here to @taylorphyllis who needs help with a love letter-

Fabio's version, where he pulls out the synth-guitar and wind-machine.

Mustafa's version, with such perfectly pregnant "blanks". Oh me I'm getting a major case of the sweats here. #win.

Again, the duel link is here: Old Spice Duel - Mano a Mano

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