The National Lottery "Lucky Holidays" (2017) 1:00 (Belgium)
The National Lottery "Lucky Holidays" (2017) 1:00 (Belgium)

Aw poor snowman is stuck outside wishing he could join in the festivities with the household.

Thai Smile Airways  "Happy Take Off" (2017) 3:00 (Thailand)
Thai Smile Airways "Happy Take Off" (2017) 3:00 (Thailand)

Thai Smile Airways has partnered with The Red Cross Society to transport organs on all of their domestic routes free of charge.

PLUS - "Christmas" (2017) 2:00 (The Netherlands)

Much like Denmark's "Familien," in which a recently divorced couple comes together briefly to search for their kid who

Pressbyrån - Z.Woods - Lussekatt song (2017) :90 (Sweden)
Pressbyrån - Z.Woods - Lussekatt song (2017) :90 (Sweden)

It may seem silly to outsiders not versed in Swedish culture, but the saffron-bun "Lussekatt" is a near-religious dogma for Swedes in December.

Forget Me Not Farm "Faith and Amber" (2017) 3:25 (USA)
Forget Me Not Farm "Faith and Amber" (2017) 3:25 (USA)

Heartwrenching but uplifting story about two amazing girls who overcame horrible abuse thanks to Forget Me Not Farm.

New York Lotto "Bodega Cat" (2017) 1:00 (USA)
New York Lotto "Bodega Cat" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

I have no idea why Cyrus the bodega cat is rewarding his owner with a scratch off lottery ticket after the owner has scolded him for being on the counter top but okay. At least it's a cute cat.


Olympic Chainsaw Massacre

NBC contributed the latest example of advertising "standards and practices" hypocrisy when it cut a new Olympics spot from Nike spot off at the knees this week.

The spot, a parody of slasher movies, features runner Suzy Hamilton being chased through the woods by a chainsaw-weilding masked man. The Nike-clad Olympian easily outdistances the psycho, leaving him panting in exhaustion as supers pop up stating "Why sport? You'll live longer."

The network cited an unspecified "number of viewer complaints" as the reason for its flip-flop on the previously approved spot. Once again, advertising is being subjected to scrutiny that programming in the same media is spared from.

Other instances of this type double standard include the Fox Network's objection to a Super Bowl spot featuring a man driven up an elephant's derriere and ABC saying "no" to artificial noses.

It's hard to understand what this network censorship accomplishes other than giving media buyers another reason to shift to cable.

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