OMG I HATE MY JOB!! Facebook bitching about work will get you insta-fired.

Lee has posted social media for dummies, it has a great image from facebook where someone whines about her job and is insta-fired since her boss is on her friends list. God, the stupidity. Who thinks writing "OMG I HATE MY JOB!! My boss is a total pervvy (sic) wanker always making me do shit stuff just to piss me off!! WANKER!" on what amounts to a broadcast diary that pops up on all your friends pages won't get you in trouble? Boss sees it, boss responds: "Don't bother coming in tomorrow".

Lee adds "now it’s probably bouncing around all corners of our networked world." - and indeed it is, in fact it's doing better than that - World News Australia has it, geelogadvertiser has it, and every inbox near you has it.

Back before times of teh intarwebs, stupidity would still get you canned. It just might take longer.

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