OnOff electronics files for bankruptcy - bye greatest logo ever.

In Sweden there's been an ongoing price-war between the electronics giants shops, and the first victim to buckle under is OnOff. No surprises there as the people employed in the stores are often a major PITA to deal with, in my store there's a single dad of three who can't help but hit on me every time I'm in there to get a cable or widget (by talking about how hard it is to raise kids on your own: dude, your flirting skills need serious improvement...)

I'm not particularly sad to see the store go, but the logo... The logo will be missed. A clean streak of genius this is, though some friends disagree and say it's overly pedagogical. I don't care, it's simple and a bit of swedish 80s design history. Bye, OnOff logo. See you in the next edition of R.I.P. logo book next to the lovely PanAm one.

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