Oops, @markdavidson's drunk, fired tweet ghostwriter went for broke on @markdavidson's account last night.

Mark Davidson the Social Marketing & Communications Strategist who reckons "Google+ is a verbatim copy of FriendFeed." seems to have fired the wrong twitter ghost writer last night. I say "seems to" as this is unconfirmed, but if you check his twitter feed he was either having us all on, or something went down.
"Hi. I'm one of three people who have been ghostwriting @markdavidson's tweets for the last 4 years while he is out playing golf." tweets the unknown ghost writer to 55,642 followers and continues: "Well yesterday, @markdavidson fired 1 of his 3 ghostwriters of the last 4 years and forgot to change his Twitter password."... This is juicy. "Right now @markdavidson is probably asleep... He isn't that nice and he is cheap. I regret not quitting. So now he has 2 ghostwriters." wow, for a drunk Ghost writer you showed a lot of restraint with "isn't that nice." Really? That's the worst you could come up with? Hmm.

"So let me mow tell you the truth about @markdavidson. He can barely type social media much less know what it is." Ouch, well that one stings considering he's a social media strategist for hire... Oh wait, is this a viral? I did not know Mark was a digital strategist for hire before this... Now everyone is talking about this. "And yes, as @markdavidson's former Twitter ghostwriter of 4 years; I am drunk. Drunk and angry. (You should have changed your password!)"

We figured as much, Anonymous Ghost Writer. "Foxconn pays its employees better than @markdavidson paid his ghostwriters on Twitter for the past 4 years." I thought even a job at McDonald's pays better than being a twitter ghost writer, but what do I know, I'm no social media guru. "And all the funny stuff that @markdavidson wrote, that was all me. The other 2 ghostwriters are really boring. Good luck, bro..."
Again, if you were the funny one, where are the hilarious insults you could have strewn about here? You could have called him a beslubbering hell-hated mammet instead of the ultra-tame "not nice". My god, the lost opportunity here. I AM DISSAPOINT!

Anonymous ghost writer signs off with And change your freakin' password!. I got a better idea, don't hire ghost writers for twitter accounts. You're not Britney Spears.

On twitter Annie Heckenberger @anniemal says it's a joke. The hilarity. It stings.