An open letter to my beloved advertising industry regarding Super Bowl ads.....

Adland's own Claymore has posted An open letter to my beloved advertising industry. regarding the super bowl commercials.

We totally back him on this - but don't let this stop all you agencies from sending us the ads early. ;) Now that you know where we stand I won't have to do that scouts honor swearing regarding embargoes every time you ask me to. I look so silly in my cub scout* uniform.

He's right you know. Showing the ads before the bowl is like unwrapping gifts before christmas. Take note what Audi has done this year - their social media/online campaign works with their ad, but doesn't reveal the ad. Try that. See Audi Green Police.

* yes, cub scouts are boys, and no, I was never a scout, because I wanted to be a cub scout not a girl scout.