Oscar winner Sam Mendes makes ad debut.


The Oscar-winning film director Sam Mendes has signed with RSA Films and intends to devote himself to directing commercials for the next year.

With a little luck this mean we'll get to see some really good ads.

Though Director Lee Tamahori gives some advice:

"Full features and commercials are completely different disciplines. I did an advert recently and realized just how much I had forgotten about it."

As long as memorable images such as babes bathing in rose-petals are used, I'm sure Mendes ads will be as good as, well....., good ads.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    I hope you get to post the commercials he makes in the archive, I'd love to see what he does in 30 seconds flat. American Beauty is one of my favorite movies.

    Jul 08, 2003
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    What I liked about american beauty was the feeling I could have seen it all on a well-crafted/lit stage.
    It let the acting rule, I wouldn't mind any commercials with that kind of touch.

    Jul 08, 2003

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