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our reply to the PUMA c&d


our reply to the PUMA c&d

Like any other site who posted the false adverts for sneaker company we'd rather not name again - we received a c&d order too. Unlike some of the other sites, we're not taking the images down.

click continue to see the reply we sent. it's not very exiting.

Dear Peter P. Mastrostefano

I have received and read the cease and desist order regarding the sexually explicit non-puma ads displayed on my site Adland.

When Puma sent out the statement making it clear those ads were never approved by them, we blurred out all trademarks of Puma's from the ads as they clearly had no right to be on those photographs. This was in order to not to unlawfully depict Puma's registered trademarks.

If you look carefully at the article however, you'll realize that is not an article about Puma or those ads alone. It's an article in a series of articles we call Badland, where we compare similar to downright twin advertising ideas to each other. The puma-fake ads have a similar idea to the very real Bulgarian Flirt Vodka ad. Regardless of the fact that the puma ads are fake, the ideas are still similar, and that is what the article is about.

I have the right to quote ideas, in any shape or form included photographed, it's part of paragraph 77 in our danish constitution. It is also European human rights constitution article 10 protects the freedom of information and this means the right to give and pass on information, it protects against censorship.

Unlike any of the others who have received similar letters, I will not post yours to my site, as it is private correspondence. I will however, make my reply public.


Felix Salmon responded in a similar fashion link here.

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