The Outdoor hall of fame wants your votes - which poster is your favorite?


The Outdoor hall of fame wants your votes - which poster is your favorite?

Campaign has collected the cream of billboards & posters (and two of them are for the creme of Manchester) at the outdoor hall of fame, and wants you to help vote for the very best and your personal favorites. My tip is, start in the 60s, choose your favorites, and ignore the fact that "Reg on Smoking" shows up in the 80's category even if it was from 1992. Cast your votes, I have.

Yes, of course the lightbulb economist poster is in there, as well as the "to our reader in high offices" bus. We've seen the 'roof of a bus used as poster' idea again later, with the hilarious brainsync of two campaigns using the same line: don't jump (and don't jump revisited).



Mind if say it took forever to get my final two votes per decade. Saved a screen grab. Show me yours and I will show mine. (insert -- JPG ~260Kbytes -- here)

I didn't screen grab, but voted 2 in the 60s, 1 in the 70s, 1 in the 80s, 3 in the 90s and 3 again in the noughts. Hmmm. Maybe I'll go change one of my votes...

I did not care for the 80s, did like the vintage posters but none really grabbed my eye. Somehow I managed to put 2 votes in each decade. Note: Size of JPEG is bigger than I thought. Whatever.

"Tate gallery by tube" is frickin' brilliant. I want that for my wall. As the legend goes, the creative director found that in the creative teams bin at the end of the day. They had tossed it. He demanded to see what was in the bin "because you have rubbish on the walls". (they pinned good ideas on the wall)

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