Pacifico© Clara beer wants your to visit their website - in real life.

Visit this wall

Seattle-based Creature and Pacifico© Clara beer have made several wall painted billboards throughout Mexico and Los Angeles into a fully functioning website that can be visited both in the real world, and online. The real walls are spied on with strategically placed webcams, and clicking around on them (on the website) reveals music downloads and other goodies.

The live web cams run twenty-four hours a day, and capture all the real-time action happening in front of them, which becomes a part of the online site. When constructing Pacifico’s website, the challenge was to bring the hand-made, imperfect and off-the-beaten path adventure to the hi-tech world of the Internet.

As you can see, it's in the middle of the night over there so nobody is doing anything fun in front of the walls, I was hoping to find at least one drunk guy but nooo. If you live nearby one of them, go to it and become part of the web.

Pacifico’s advertising agency, Creature, found local artists to paint the walls in a style that married traditional Mexican street art with the a functional layout needed in web design. After that, live webcams were trained on the walls, and an invisible overlay was developed by interactive agency, Unit9 in London, to turn the static nature of a painted Mexican wall into a dynamic web interface.

Chief Creative Officer: Jim Haven and Matt Peterson
Executive Creative Director: Jim Haven and Matt Peterson
Art Director: Adam Deer
Copywriter: Peter Trueblood, Andrew Jasperson
Producers: Kaylin Fitzpatrick
Account Executive(s): Joe Mattson, Steve Hawley, Ali Daniels
Photographer/Designer: Adam Deer, Sam Chanta, Ramon Vasquez
Production Company: Rackfish, Unit 9
Line Producer: Per Otto Lekare, Johann Olde

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