Paint by numbers - easy as 1-2-3

Many thanx to Dalbir, another funky adlist member, who spotted these twins. Did you know by the way, that them colorcharts are a *really* good source of inspiration?

From the 1997 D&AD award book , the economist
ad with colors. Each color has a normal name except red which
is "well read". Of course it is, it's the economist!

From the Archive issue number 4/ 1999 comes this VW
ad.DDB Singapore. AD: Ben Bradley, CW: Charlie Blower.
All the colors have funky names except the last one. tropic orange
metallic, "with our 12 year anti corrosion warranty this is the
closest you'll get to rust"

Anyone got that 97 D&AD lying around and can
tell me who the creatives are for the economist ad?
The ideas are very similar, though bragging about different
things. I think I'll leave the talking to you.... Hit that comment button!

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