Paradisets last gasp wins Grand Prix


Paradisets latest and last campaign for Diesel won the Grand Prix in Cannes for press and Poster.

The rumours were already buzzing this morning as Resume sent out SMS's speculating that Diesels latest "Africa" campaign was tipped to be the winner. Arnold worldwide were the second favorites, with their volkswagen campaign. The Diesel campaign, based on a theme where Africa is the richest continent, engaging in overblown internet bubble economy hype, and europe/us act the third world as fake headlines in newspapers, got a lot of media attention and sometimes slack for racism. In old Diesel/Paradiset tradition the campaign contained a couple of in-jokes, though, since everyone on the planet heard of, everyone was in on the "Loo.kom" joke. Well folks, is it, as was said earlier this year on Resume's commentpages, the best campaign Diesel and Paradiset produced together? Or do you have another favorite? Is it worthy of the Grand Prix?

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