Pay for Play?


Or something like that... latest radio station campaign to start trouble.
Two things, (a) I though this device was as old as time but usually hinted at as opposed to spelled out... (b) folks are concerned that this could bring about promiscuity or attacks on girls? Take a number, then...


Capital Radio's Scottish radio station Beat 106, has come under
fire from the watchdog for a poster in which a woman appears to be using sex as a bargaining tool, dressed in unzipped jeans revealing pink underwear.

The poster shows the waist and hips of a woman wearing a pair of jeans, with the jeans unzipped to reveal pink underwear with the text "You're not getting any till I hear Black Eyed Peas, The Darkness and Eminem". The strapline says "Demand better music right now".
Complaints against the poster, created by The Leith Agency, were partly upheld. Complainants objected that the poster was offensive, threatening and unsuitable for display near schools where it could be seen by children and was irresponsible because it could encourage children to become promiscuous.
Another public complaint objected that the poster was irresponsible because it could encourage attacks on young girls.

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    Capital said the poster was part of a light-hearted campaign about people
    demanding better music in everyday situations. It believed it was not sexually graphic or explicit and was intended to promote a positive image of female empowerment.

    May 22, 2004

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