Penelope Cruz lesbian librarian does not equal instant viral.


Penelope Cruz lesbian librarian does not equal instant viral.

The gossip rags and websites are all getting their knickers in a twist about Penelop Cruz and her sister Monica sharing a "lesbian kiss" in their baby brother Eduardo Cruz' music video “Cosas Que Contar.”
See Daily Mail, The Superfish and Fox News for example.
It should be noted that this video was posted eleven months ago to youtube yet the gossip sites and gossip rags haven't mentioned it until now. Let that be a lesson to those who rely on the cheap gimmick of sex and babes, even hot lesbian action between famous sisters doesn't equal instant viral. Eventual viral maybe.... * edit

*Oh Snap! I misread the youtube info, the video was posted A single month ago, so it's not that slow, making the whole point I was trying to make a dud. So, I was wrong. Leaving the post up anyway because it's an excuse to show a really bad video.



Yeah, it's just not possible that the Cruz sisters kissing on youtube would go unnoticed for eleven months, cheap gimmick or not. And I actually don't find this any worse that 90% of the videos I see. But then again, I'm old and I don't see that many any more. :-)

I don't know what that guy's singing but he sure can sing well.

Pretty boring video considering how beautiful that whole family is.

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