Pennies? Pennies? You can't pay with those here. Try OfficeMax.

I find it hilarious that a company (or rather, their ad agency The Escape Pod, Chicago I presume) has latched on to how impossible it is to use pennies for anything in the states and taken that to the ultimate extreme. They send a redheaded dude out to try and buy a decent chef-cooked meal paying only with pennies, and even a used car paying with only pennies. 2700 dollars worth of pennies. I love how the chef seems to grab his hair and start comparing the whole ordeal to him running a steak through a blender."The only reason a dollar is a dollar, is because it's worth a hundred pennies" replies our redheaded hero. Ah, that's so true - so those automatic toll-booths change machines should take pennies, right? Do they?