Performance Enhancing Drugs Rear Their Head At The One Show


Performance Enhancing Drugs Rear Their Head At The One Show


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Perfomance enhancing drugs have been at the center of one sport controversy after another lately, from weightlifting to major league baseball. Now comes word that one of the United States' hottest creative talents, Kevin Roddy, may in fact be forced to return all those bowls and pencils. What's the world coming to?


This is pretty lame.

Tell it to the One Club

Kevin was my boss when I worked as the Interactive Creative Direcor at Fallon New York. Let's just say he's better creating ideas than performing them.

I think we all agree with him, that was about as much fun as watching paint dry. Badly acted paint dry.

uh? why? By posting it here you are asking for comments here. What do you mean "tell it to the one Club"?

Besides, I hafta agree, that was so boring I couldn't even be bothered to watch it. Sorry Kevin.

I agree with Plywood. Woefully weak attempt at humor. Kevin Roddy should be prosecuted for crimes against hilarity.

super lame. poor concept that is poorly writen and implemented.
nice nap fodder though.

"Tell it to the One Club". You know. As in, I didn't do the thing. The One Club did. So if you think it's lame, why tell me?

I don't think anyone is under the impression that you made this. People aren't telling you as much as they are just talking here. Let people talk. Why post it if you don't want to let people talk about it?

Sorry. It was a joke. Meant to be anyway.

I see. employ smilies. they help.

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