The Periodic Table of Marketing Elements


The Periodic Table of Marketing Elements


Remember science class when you were a wee ad-kid? Did you ever learn the entire periodic table, or were you like me too busy dumping magnesium powder to a burning mixture of potassium chlorate and sucrose to make the pretty sparkly flash to care? Well, here's another periodic table you can not learn by heart, brought to you by the folks at I bet they never threw copper chloride & magnesium on the burner just to see if you got blue sparklies. Tsssk.

branding definitions
Built by Kolbrener, a branding company

Update! Near Badland alert, PRism Awards already did this back in 2005 and so much funnier. You can peek at a pretty pdf poster here where Sm stands for schmoozing. Oh yeah!


Bob an ex-chemist I was intrrigued by the table; as a marketer it seems cluttered and not very useful.

Agreed, that thing is just strange. The Prism awards one is funny though.

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