PETA's latest ad - the jaws of these people.

The PETA did it again, as Grant our caffinated adlistfriend points out, when they ran and ad with the headline: "Would you give
your right arm to know why sharks attack? Could it be revenge? Go Vegetarian, PETA."
. It's not the jr-forever copywriter style headline that is turning heads - it's their usual tasteless timing......

I thought they probably couldn't sink lower on the publicity stunts scale after asking that McVeighs last meal should be vegetarian - but they've proven me wronger than a strategy man armed with numbers. Reported everywhere, (
at iwon for example ) the PETA said in a statement on Tuesday it had planned to unveil the billboard with said headline next week in Pensacola, the Florida Gulf Coast city near where a shark ripped off the arm of an 8-year-old boy - Jessie Arbogast - last month."Our message is that humans kill billions of fish, including sharks, each year, in the most hideous ways, and
sharks aren't really to blame for doing what comes naturally, because, unlike us, they don't have choices when it
comes to what to eat," PETA spokesman Dan Shannon said.

"But right now people would just shoot the messenger without hearing the message." Is it just me - or are you guys wondering too? Does the brief state that the object of the campaign is to sway the public opinion to stop animal testing and start testing on the PETA instead - if so, they are very very successful.

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