Pharrell Williams' next Gig is at CLIO Awards

So I'm not much into award ceremonies since.... well let's face it, they are the same. Celebrities walk down the "red" carpet and then sit down and win awards that a bunch of people selected for them?

But when a friend told me that Pharrell Williams would be actually speaking for a keynote Q&A at the 2010 CLIO Awards, I may have a different point of view... Yeah I know, celebrities and awards are cliche, but I'm a huge N.E.R.D, Neptures and Pharrell fan, overall.

But what would he be doing the CLIOs, exactly? Well, according to the press release, "Jennifer Frommer, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and branding at Interscope Records, will interview him about how he translated his music success into big branding opportunities and new business ventures, including co-founding the clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream and co-designing a series of glasses and jewelry for Louis Vuitton."

For background: The CLIO Awards, the world’s most recognized international advertising, design and communications competition, which returned to its birthplace of New York City and is being held May 26-27. 

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