Phone directory wars heat up.


Phone directory wars heat up.


BT have joined in the directory enquiry wars, pushing their 118 500 service in their debut commercial. The ad ran yesterday and was a follow up to a number of 2 second teasers.

You can see all three ads at - you need crappy Windows media Player installed to view the ads.

How do you think the ads compare? Which one do you favour?

All I'm wondering is why didn't one of these phonecompanies get a number that was very different like "onehundred onehundred" or such, all these one one eights are getting muddled.


The 11 88 88 is atrocious: a great example of reactive advertising in the light that they are completely overshadowed by the others.

yeah I thought that one was a bit sad, sorta aiming at sticking an annoying phone-numer-jingle into the punters head.
"Yeah that'll make 'em call us...They'll never forget the number" Bah.

I think half the creative battle is to have easy numbers to remember like 118 118. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have the Rocky theme and handlebar mustaches! That one was my favorite, hands down.

Handlebar mustaches on itty-bitty children too! Must say that was my favorite as well. I didn't care for the overblown post-it drama of BT's advert.

(though BT's soundtrack was good.)

This 118 118 commercial was funny. I truly hated their "Cog" spoof.

I thought the cog spoof was brilliant! ;)

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