Sex sells - sex Varga's style sells even better. End of class.

Pin-up Girls!trixie..


Agency: Benenson Janson Los Angeles, C.A.

AD: Howard Benenson

CW: Barbi Needle

Found in Archive 1 1996

First Headline reads:Obviously she aroused more than his curiosity.

Second headline:He used to brag about his self-control.

Client: LEE

Agency: Fallon McElligott Minneapolis

AD: Don't Know
CW: dunno either

First Headline Reads: He said the first thing he noticed was your great personality, he lied.

2nd headline: From across the room he won't be able to tell you have a great sense of humor.

Payoff: Lee The brand that fits.

A case of Copy-catting or a 'whoops we had the same idea' ? The Art Direction with the fuzzy white around the girls is getting spookily similar...What do You Think? (I keep asking this hoping someone might push that comment button)

The Lee ads were made after the Trixie Ad's....... So one can if one wants to, guess who is the bad guy.

Personally, I just think the Trixie ads are better, better looking, better line, suits the product more since Trixi sells true pin-up fashion, and jeans are in my personal opinion very un-sexy, no matter how girlie the dang cut. What do you think?

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