Pinball dreams - replayed.


Pinball dreams - replayed.


Ford Fiesta vs Nissan Terrano - who is the original pinball wizard? Nissan Terrano poster above....

Ford Fiesta

Read about the Ford commercial here.

"FordFiesta. Rock solid.
It’s a rough life being a pinball. Careering around, charging into pillars and bashing into posts. But to the new Ford Fiesta with its super stiffened chassis, this is nothing short of a dream come true. After all, it’s the solid little car that loves the rough and tumble. Another Fiesta Fantasy."


There's also an at least 4 piece Vespa campaign out of Publicis New York that has New York & Tokyo city street settings that the ball (your Vespa), can negotiate.

These coincidences are totally shameless! Too many ads use men and women in them. And babies. And animals. And type faces. And product shots. And borders.

Can't we just do abstract expressionism from now on? Hasn't been done yet. In advertising, anyway. (Though, I'm sure a Cannes Jury would be scared to award it, since it's been done already OUTSIDE of advertising!)

Related - that Vespa ad someone mentioned. (detail)

ps - how old is that Fiesta commercial? Have been dreaming or did I see a car-inside-a-pinball-game commercial in 96 that was also set to the Specials or similar ska-beat music?

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