Pinterest is advertising, and is therefore subject to advertising laws

Our resident IP geek (who is actually a IP lawyer for hire in California) Leslie pointed us to this ruling today: NAD Determines that Pinterest is advertising. Well, that's not how they phrase it, being lawyers and all, but what they say say this:

The NAD’s decision contains two important lessons. First, claims on social media sites are still considered advertisements and, therefore, subject to advertising laws. And, second, advertisers should exercise caution when advertising atypical results.

So in the end, this desn't just apply to Pinterest, but to all social media, so be careful making claims on twitter, facebook and pinterest about how white your teeth got, how much weight you lost or how fantastic that dress made you look if you are selling anything. I've already called Pinterest the copyright infringing advertising board for cupcake lovers. Now that ad-messages on said board will be scrutinized, will the rampant infringing also be? Will the spam rings and affiliate bots stop dead in their tracks? Or will the real audience just drop pinterest like a game of wordfeud when the next shiny social media thing not yet over-run by spammers comes along?

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