Pissin' in the great outdoors for fun and profit.

If you've driven through Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania or South Carolina this summer, there's a chance you've motored by a billboard or two that caused you to do a bit of a double take. If so, you're not alone.

The product? Outhouse Springs bottled water (flash required - heh)

Is it real? Not exactly. It's a promotion from the clever squirts at Adams Outdoor, and it's getting a bit of buzz.

Read more for a gander at a couple of their billboards...

Juvenile? Crass? Unrepentant? Perhaps - not that there's anything wrong with that ;-)

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  • anonymous's picture

    Style trends may come and go, but toilet humor is forever. These are destined to make collective dads and kids in the back seat giggle, but moms frown disapprovingly - 75% market approval is damn good in the advertising world of today.

    Definitely beats the blas

    Jul 07, 2003
  • tlevitz's picture

    it made my stepmother giggle -- who either saw one or heard about it on the radio while driving my sister to school in the wilds of northeast PA... she asked me about it on the phone a while back, commenting "they did a good job; everybody's talking about it."

    Unfortunately she couldn't remember the name of the outdoor company "some billboard company..."

    ... too bad they're not called "Johns..."

    Jul 07, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    ha! I was wondering if these signs were for real of if I perhaps halluccinated when I passed one on the highway.

    Jul 13, 2003