Pitch for free? Achtung don't play that.

Mirko Kaminski, the owner of the Hamburg agency Achtung!, tells off "Company X" and explains why he refuses to pitch for free. The potential client wanted a free concept, of course, but without having to provide a brief of any sort, and without specifying a budget in the event of a successful win. Apparently, the request came from a larger company. Kaminski never says the name, but speaks in the video of a "board" on the client side, so there are other agencies in Germany right now who I am sure have guessed exactly what company this is.

Both Wuv.de and Designmadeingermany have written this up in German. To "Design made in Germany" Mirko explains the thought process behind this particular video rant:

It's not so much about this individual case. It's not the only one - that's something that has been misunderstood - that has a lack of pitch fees. I think it's harmful, if companies want invite agencies with minimal effort for maximal performance. A two-page typed meager briefing is sent to 5, 10 or even 15 agencies, which then have only one or two weeks to provide a comprehensive approach. And all this without just compensation. Then rebriefing, over the shoulder hovering, intense collaboration with the company? Not a chance. I really would not have thought that the video would create such high waves. Between idea and doing, it went on Youtube in just 40 minutes.

I guess the truth still creates high waves. Good on ya Mirko.