Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Have you been seeing these little things in the footer of emails recently too?

How it is made:
(copy this and remove spaces between brackets)

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Here's the thing though, I haven't printed an email since 1997. Not printing papers doesn't do much at all as an active environmentalist act. So I have another question for you email-green-peeps; What type of electricity do you use? Are your computers on at all times? Is your companies server hosted in the cheapest possible colocation space, where you're probably using un-eco friendly electricity 24/7 all year, or have you found a green alternative? Adland is hosted at memset, a carbon neutral company, because - duh - I actually think about these things and worry about my carbon footprint which includes worrying about this servers impact on our environment. I guess what I'm saying is, next time you sent one of those silly little things out in your email, consider what that email travels through. Being green isn't only about saving paper.

And to make matters worse, this thing always creates a page 2 when printing that email. Aaaarrrghhh.