Polarbröd logo & trademark hijacked by pirates in Asia

polarbröd The sincerest form of flattery has happened to Polarbröd - makers of traditional arctic flatbread (my fave) - as their company logo and trademark has been hijacked by trendy T-shirt companies down under and over in Asia. This isn't the seventies however, people travel a lot more than they used to, in real life as well as on the web, and if there's something us northerners are known for - apart from the stereotypes about being quiet people and always leisurely slow (yah, right) - is that we're dead honest folks who just want things to be set straight. So, naturally a vacationing northerner who spotted the Tee's told Polarbröd about the plagiarism and Polarbröd are now sending "sternly worded letters" to both Yest style.com and Zanerobe.com.au. "Sternly worded" where I come from means "we're getting our gun", or at least "we're getting our lawyers Bird & Bird". Expect a letter from the land of midnight fun T-shirt dudes.

Now that you have the Tee, why not bake the bread? You need:

1,5 liters of milk
75 g melted margarine
1,25 dl syrup or sugar
2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon cloudberry salt
50 grams of yeast
1,5 liter rye flour
1,5 liter wheat flour
corn meal for shaping it.

Let the milk become body temperature and stir the yeast into it. Add the margarine, syrup, salt and cloudberry salt. Start working in the rye with a wooden spoon - or if you're lazy let the kitchen helper do it - then the wheat until nicely firm and the dough 'lets go' of the pot you're working it in. Let rise for approx 1 hour. Then cut it up into pieces and make muffin sized balls out of it which you'll let rise for at least 20 minutes. Use a kruskavel to flatten bread to a centimeter thin - if you don't have one of those use a regular rolling pin and then poke the bread all around with a fork randomly (and don't forget the corn meal so it won't stick to your baking area). Dust the bread off (corn meal burns, yuk) and toss it into a hot stone oven for a minute or so.

Oh, you don't have a stone oven? Savage.