political ad hot potato(e)


From the wilderness placed a full page advertisment in the Washington post May 16th. They suspect a leaked copy of the ads text may have forced the resignation of the Army secretary Thomas White.

from FTW 's press release :

In two places the ad featured statements highly critical of now-former Secretary White. In her statement Fitts criticized White for his inability to balance the Army's books at a time when the Department of Defense has admittedly "misplaced" more that $3 trillion of taxpayer money. Ruppert observed, "White's claim that residual damage from the attacks of September 11th was the cause for unbalanced books in the Army was ludicrous. The attack of 9/11 hit the Navy Wing of the Pentagon. How could that affect the Army?"

In the text of the ad itself White was also criticized for his role as an Enron executive which provided him with millions of dollars in income while stockholders were being defrauded. White was subsequently investigated for insider trading of Enron stock.

You can download the PDF file of the ad here (do a "save link target as" - or 'right-mouse-button click' to download it. Do not open in browser.) and read From The Wilderness press release here. It's an interesting story.

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