Post Coma Branding


Post Coma Branding


Terry Wallis has been making news after waking from a nineteen year coma. That's great news for his family, Pepsi and Milk, but bad news for Chevy.
abc27 has more on the happy story.

"Thrown into a stupor after an auto accident in 1984, he recently spoke his first words in 19 years: "Mom. Pepsi. Milk."
Later on, Wallis would react to Chevrolet TV commercials.

"He wouldn't drive a Chevrolet and when the commercials would come on the TV he'd have a fit. He'd shake his head from one side to the other and give some kind of hollering," Jerry Wallis said"


Read that the other night and thought, wow... some good news in this messed up world of ours...

then Venal Me took over (envisioning a Super Bowl spot): "Ford better sign that guy!"

But before I could reach for my sketchbook, Catholic Me interrrupted "Bad! Bad! That's just so tasteless! I can't believe that even crossed your mind!"

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