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Terry Wallis has been making news after waking from a nineteen year coma. That's great news for his family, Pepsi and Milk, but bad news for Chevy.
abc27 has more on the happy story.

"Thrown into a stupor after an auto accident in 1984, he recently spoke his first words in 19 years: "Mom. Pepsi. Milk."
Later on, Wallis would react to Chevrolet TV commercials.

"He wouldn't drive a Chevrolet and when the commercials would come on the TV he'd have a fit. He'd shake his head from one side to the other and give some kind of hollering," Jerry Wallis said"

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  • tlevitz's picture

    Read that the other night and thought, wow... some good news in this messed up world of ours...

    then Venal Me took over (envisioning a Super Bowl spot): "Ford better sign that guy!"

    But before I could reach for my sketchbook, Catholic Me interrrupted "Bad! Bad! That's just so tasteless! I can't believe that even crossed your mind!"

    Jul 11, 2003

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