The power of the suit


The power of the suit


St Luke's viral movie praises power of the suit. "...the campaign had started off with a few friends spreading the film, but within a week had already escalated to 35,000 people. "At the moment, the film has been created as a one-off," Lutwyche said. "But it's been so successful that it might turn into something else." Lutwyche said that they were currently trying to clear the ad for television broadcast with the BACC."

Click on the image to see the movie. (flash)


That's a pretty gutsy client. I hope they see a sales bump from this stunt.

Really funny. So funny that I think they'll be hearing from women groups soon!

I'm suprised they haven't already. womans group protest in 3.. 2...1..

ps - did anyone else think "Silk cut" when they saw the tie or am I just completly ad-damaged?

The cigarette?

yeah the sexy asfalt colored something and a purple "silk cut" in it - press ads/posters.
I know, they're old as heck but classic.. It burned into my brain somehow....

J-H-mygod! How did they ever get away with that?

and dab, you are ad-damaged.

haha. Well, if the SUIT really has this kind of power, someone might be seeing a bump nine months down the road....

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