Pregnant nun munching on ice-cream offends Catholics

It's been probably six months since the last advertising offense toward Catholics, but we're at it again reports AP. The Antonio Federici brand has a posted with a heavily pregnant nun standing in a church holding a tub of ice cream and a spoon, with the strap lines declaring "Immaculately conceived" and "Ice cream is our religion".

The ASA says they've received ten complaints from people who said the ad offended christians.

Meanwhile the Italian company Antonio Federici defended the idea, and said that the idea of conception "represented the development of their ice cream", and that the ad aimed to gently satirize religion. Ever so gently. You know, with a pregnant nun. The banhammer fell and this ad won't run again.

Hat tip: Bob you-rock-my-world House

Update: Now they're using priets kissing - and getting banned again