Presidential stand-off source of inspiration

The Wall Street Journal has written a comprehensive article about all those ads with a presidential theme last week (leaving the Dutch ad out of course - god forbid they'd report on anything going on outside of Madison ave) which serves for good reading.
Amoungst ads mention (and depicted) are BBDO's Pizza hut ad,
E. James White Communications' ad depicting the poorly designed ballot and Swatch's "Congratulations Mr. GOREBUSHOFF." ad in the New York Times.

Course the Wall Street journal also has it hidden beyond the password protected part of their site.
You can sign up for a 30 day trial - or use the username cypherpunk1 and password cypherpunk1 in the timehonored tradition of the web.

Go to the article here:
Ad Agencies Borrow Buzz From Electoral Cliffhanger