Print magazines are dead, long live the T-shirt magazine T-post.


Creative tag team Chad Rea, ecopop, and Peter Lundgren, formerly Vardag now the creator of T-post.

T-post? What's that? T-post is "the worlds first magazine that you can wear", subscribers get a new T each month in the mail. The news story is printed on the back inside of the shirt, and a graphic artist’s interpretation of that news story is printed on the front. The comment “Nice shirt” now becomes an invitation to tell the story behind the design and "create dialogue about an interesting world event."

T-post founder Peter Lundgren states, "I've been searching for years to find the right person to help introduce T-post to the U.S. market. Chad has the perfect background and experience to help bring T-post to the next level. I feel very fortunate to have him in the T-post Family."

Rewind to 2004. Rea was in Los Angeles creating influence, demand, social currency, and profitability for Fortune 100 companies with his unconventional ad agency 86 the onions. More than 5,500 miles away in Sweden, Lundgren was doing much of the same under slightly different weather conditions with Vardag, an agency where he was a managing partner. Little did they know that they would both leave their respective service businesses behind to become their own client, developing their own environmentally and social responsibly ventures.

T-post, a grassroots lifestyle brand that began as one of Lundgren's agency projects, quickly took on a life of it's own after garnering major attention in the international press, including MTV, Esquire, and Wall Street Journal.

"T-post has always been one of those brands I wish I had come up with," Rea says. "It merges two of my passions: graphic T-shirts and social conscientiousness. I've been a subscriber and evangelist from the beginning. The only real difference now is that my territory has increased by about 8,000 percent."

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    That's funny, I just signed up for T-post before I saw this post.

    Jun 12, 2009

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