Production company in SEARCH of NEW Directors!!!


Production company in SEARCH of NEW Directors!!!

We are a new production company started by established members of the film community. We are in search of new and fresh directors for representation in the world of commercials and music videos. We are not in the position to develop brand new amatuer directors that have no reel, but have clients interested in viewing new talent.

If you have some projects a reel and are interested in expanding or growing your recognition nationwide, we'd love to see your work.

Please email us at [email protected]


We look forward to hearing from you.



Be nice to know who were dealing with maybe. Got a name yet? (for the company...)

In which country - I'm guessing the United States? East or West?

we've secretly replaced our watercooler with concentrated Folger's crystals. This is the effect.....

Holy open-the-floodgates... think a hotmail account can handle the volume?

Directors in the US multiply like McMansions on undeveloped farmland.

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