Professor Bolt for Digicel: Run To London


If it isn't already, rewarding user generated content should now be considered a category in and of itself.

Telecom company Digicel Jamaica gets into the act by throwing its support behind Usain Bolt with a "Run To London" promotion. Jamaicans are prompted to take a photo of themselves striking a running pose (humility for gain) and then upload it to a specially designed Facebook app (who will own it later) for a chance to be part of the campaign (and save money on talent), and hang out with Usain Bolt (for the duration of the tv and print shoot) etc.

Of course it's all to show that all of Jamaica is united in Usain's efforts to get to the London Olympics. As such the spot does its job efficiently. But it gives away the Usain Pose joke too early. They should have saved the x'd out pose for the very end.

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